Eyelash Perming

The quick and longer lasting way to achieve the perfect curly lashes is Eyelash Perming. Used to provide volume and curl to naturally straight lashes, eyelash perming has become the new, advanced alternative to lash curlers.

Eyelash perming is performed using small curling rods and a perming solution made specifically for your lashes. Both products are safe for use around the eyes and applied by a trained technician to ensure maximum protection and comfort. Eyelash perming gives the lashes a uniform curl from end to end and lasts for months.

Eyelash perming is also perfect for those who want to brighten their eyes and add depth without having to apply false lashes or commit to professional lash extensions. This procedure is painless and perfect for women looking to add an extra boost to their natural eyes.


Why consider an eyelash perming treatment by New Horizons Med Spa?
Looking for a semi-permanent way to appear more awake, refreshed, and revived without the implications of surgery? An eyelash perm at our Chandler, AZ location is a simple, non-invasive way to do just that. The procedure effectively curls and adds volume to your lashes, making them appear thicker and fuller, which can give your eyes a more open look in just one session. Our specialists are experts in achieving the natural, “no-makeup makeup” results.
Who is a good candidate for eyelash perming?
There is no single “good candidate” for eyelash perming as a variety of patients can benefit from the procedure. It is perfect for women who do not want to deal with the time and upkeep that comes with eyelash extensions and who want a natural boost to their look. Most typically, however, we see patients who have traditionally straight eyelashes and want to curl and lift their upper eyelashes to create a more awake, aware look.
What can I expect after an eyelash perm by a specialist at New Horizons Med Spa?
Among the many benefits of an eyelash perm performed at our Med Spa in Chandler, close to Phoenix, is that you no longer have to use mascara as part of your daily makeup routine, which can make your lashes look clumped together and unattractive. Mascara, eyelash curlers, and lash extensions are things of the past. With an eyelash perm at New Horizons Med Spa, you will save time by avoiding the hassle of taking off mascara at the end of a busy day or by having to schedule regular appointments to refresh eyelash extensions.

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